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Frequent questions

Answers for your most common questions.

Frequently Asked questions

1. What is a full comprehensive eye exam?

A full eye exam consists of various tests to assess both your prescription and ocular health. It includes:

  • Visual acuity test
  • Refraction test (for your prescription)
  • Slit lamp examination for the external health of your eyes
  • Indirect and direct ophthalmoscopy examination for the internal health of your eyes
  • Intraocular pressure measurement
  • Color vision and depth perception test (mainly for children, or administered when required)
  • Assessment of binocularity/muscle balance (how your eyes work together)
  • Complete medical and ocular history

For children, eye examinations are recommended once a year. For adults, it is recommended to have a full comprehensive eye exam every 1-2 years.

2. What is a retinal scan or Optomap®?

Retinal imaging is an important tool in screening and diagnosing eye problems. Optomap® is the latest technology in evaluating internal eye diseases. The Optomap® will produce a digital image of your retina which allows us to perform a more thorough exam.

The Optomap® exam is simple, painless and only takes minutes. Experience with this technology has already led to improved disease detection and has prevented possible vision loss and blindness in several of our patients.

At Nuvo, it has become a standard of care to have a retinal scan along with the full eye exam. Visit for more information.

3. Do you see emergencies?

Yes, we do! Emergencies are triaged according to symptoms and are accommodated within an approved timeline by the Nuvo Optometrists. Our staff will ask a series of questions to assess your visual disturbance, and will recommend a course of action. If a same-day appointment is necessary, one will be issued at the earliest available time.

4. Are there differences between a glasses and a contact lens prescription?

An eyeglass prescription provides the basis for a contact lens prescription. The power in an eyeglass prescription may be different from what is specified for contact lenses, because contacts are worn directly on the eye and eyeglasses are worn in front of the eye. That distance affects the final measurement of your contact lens prescription, and results in something different from your glasses.

5. Is a contact lens exam considered a seperate test from the full eye exam?

Yes, it is. Many people aren't aware that contact lenses require a separate test from your regular prescription. Whether you are a new wearer or a current contact lens user, extra calculations and measurements are needed to ensure that the fit is accurate for your eyes and vision requirements. Your lens must also be properly selected for your lifestyle needs. Although many of our patients wear contact lenses as their primary eyewear choice, we also have a large percentage of patients who are task-specific wearers. Prescriptions are different for contact lenses than glasses and can often be manipulated to be worn for specific activities. For instance, a computer technician may wear a pair of computer-progressive glasses in order to work with intermediate distances on a daily basis, but prefers to wear single vision daily lenses when he/she plays hockey twice a week for farther distances.

It is important for your eye care professional to assess your eyes reaction to new and current materials of your contact lens. Since this foreign object can be sitting in your eye for up to 8 hours or more, it is your optometrists job to make sure that your eye can remain tolerant of the percentage of materials and water content in your prescribed contact lens brand. This also applies to solution use. Nuvo Optometry's team of professionals will make sure that we find the proper fit for you and upkeep your contact lens care.

6. What is an eyeglass prescription?

An eyeglass prescription authorizes a licensed dispenser to provide eyeglasses to you. It can only be issued by an optometrist of a physician, who may be an opthalmologist. In Ontario, only optometrists, physicians and opticians are authorized to sell prescription eyeglasses.

Your prescription is based upon the analysis of the information obtained from your eye examination. to determind how your vision can be corrected, the optometrist will consider:

  • Your health history and daily visual demands.
  • How your eyes work together.
  • The health of your eyes.
  • The lenses required to bring your eyes into the best possible focus for you.

Eyeglass prescriptions may vary from time to time and from measurement to measurement. Small variations are normal and may not affect the way you see.

7. What information must be included in my eyeglasses?

Your prescription must include:

  • The prescriber's name, practice address, telephone number and signature.
  • Your name.
  • The date of your eye examination.
  • Enough information to enable a licensed dispenser to dispense your glasses.

The parameters specified in an eyeglasses prescription may vary. Typically, a prescription includes the power of each lens in order to correct your vision due to nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism or age-related need for reading glasses (presbyopia).

8. Does your office fit contact lenses?

The eye doctors of Nuvo provide contact lens fittings and training sessions for new wearers. We also provide assessments for current contact lens wearers.

9. Does my eyeglass prescription have an expiry date?

If your vision is likely to significantly change over time, your optometrist may recommend your prescription not be filled after a particular date.

A number of factors may cause your prescription to change; these include: eye growth, aging and certain medical or eye conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, dry eye, thyroid conditions, cataracts, retinal detachments, corneal disease, eye lid abnormalities, or contact lens wear (especially if improperly fitted).

10. Will I automatically get a copy of my prescription, or must I ask for it?

Your prescription is exactly that: yours. Though your prescription is given automatically- we now have different means of providing it. We can print it, or we can send it to you by email!

Because all prescriptions are automatically saved to file and can be accessed at any time within all Nuvo locations, many patients opt to leave without a physical copy to save paper. The choice is yours! Let us know what you would prefer.

11. Are there times when my optometrist will not issue my prescription?

In some circumstances, your optometrist may not be able to provide you with your prescriptions - for example, if you have unstable health conditions causing fluctuations in your vision and your prescription. These conditions might include diabetes, cataracts, retinal detachments, macular degeneration, eye injuries (such as corneal abrasion or foreign body in the eye), infections, etc. A prescription may be issued after your vision stabilizes.

If there is an unpaid balance on your account for the eye exam itself, Nuvo may withhold your prescription until the account has been paid.

12. Where may I fill my prescription?

You have the right to fill your prescription at any licensed dispenser you choose.

Nuvo has 2 beautiful optical boutiques with a wide selection of fashionable and practical eyewear. Our eye care professionals will inform you on the best lens for your optimal vision. Check out our products page here.

13. Should I buy my glasses on the internet?

The College of Optometrists of Ontario is deeply concerned that a significant risk of harm is posed when prescription glasses and contact lenses are dispensed by unregulated internet-based businesses, without the involvement of a licensed dispenser. Purchasing glasses on the internet is not regulated, and you are not protected by a regulated environment, professional accountability and standards.

Prescription eyewear is highly individualized. If your glasses are not appropriately and accurately made, your vision can be significatntly compromised. If you purchase eyeglasses online, no trained and accountable licensed dispenser is obligated to inspect your eyeglasses for accuracy, adjust them to your face or answer your questions or concerns. In fact, selling prescription glasses by any unlicensed entity (including the internet) is illegal in Ontario.

Nuvo understands the convenience of buying online, though we do agree with the concerns of the College of Optometrists. Our main priority for all patients, no matter where they purchase, is that they are getting the best products and are ultimately seeing/looking/feeling great about their eyewear choice. We believe our spectacle frames and lenses are of superior quality and of excellent value. When thoughtfully compared to the identical product from other suppliers, most of our customers find that the product is less expensive in our office even when these other suppliers are offering sales. However, if you would like to purchase your spectacles over the internet, we would be happy to offer you a service package that gives your some of the services that our customers recieve when purchasing their eyewear from a Nuvo location. Our internet service package includes:

  • Measurement of interpupillary distances (often referred to as P.D. - glasses made without regard to P.D. can cause significant wearer discomfort).
  • Measurement of segment height: this measurement is required to determine the correct placement for bifocal/multifocal lenses and its accuracy is directly dependent on the frame used and must be measured with the frame itself before lenses are fabricated.
  • Verification of the prescription after it has been fabricated.
  • Two adjustments to the frame within 6 months of purchase.

For more information on this package, please call any of our 3 locations and our team of Opticians will be more than happy to answer your questions!

14. What is the P.D. (pupillary distance)?

Pupillary distance, or PD, measures the distance between your pupils. An accurately taken PD is one of many measurements needed to ensure that when your glasses are manufactured, the prescription lenses are appropriately centered in a frame in front of your eyes. The PD measurement is not a required component of a prescription, nor is it required clinical information that must be gathered as part of the eye examination.

15. Do you have to include my PD in my prescription?

We are not obligated to to include this measurement in your glasses prescription. Instead, the measurement is a component of the dispensing services and is measured by one of our Optical team members when your glasses are ordered.

16. What is Orthokeratology (OrthoK)?

Orthokeratology is an alternative to refractive surgery, glasses and daily contact lenses. Put contact lenses on before going to bed, take them off in the morning and have clear vision for the rest of the day!

Orthokeratology (or Ortho-K) temporarily improves vision by reshaping the cornea with the use of oxygen permeable contact lenses. Similar to a dental retainer used by Orthodontists, a comfortable retainer (contact lenses) are worn at night while sleeping. They are removed upon waking to provide clear vision without the use of eyeglasses or contact lenses.

It is a safe, non-surgical, reversible, modifiable alternative to laser surgery and does not require medications. Great for athletes, dry eyed patients associated with contact lens wear, those who work in dusty, dirty environments and those ineligible for refractive surgery.

Click here to request your consultation today with our Orthokeratology specialist Dr. Buettner!

17. Do you offer laser surgery services?

The eye care professionals of Nuvo Optometry provide pre and post operative services in co-management with refractive surgery centers in Ottawa such as the Focus Eye Center, Lasik MD and the Eye Institute. Is laser surgery right for you? Book your consultation to see if you're a candidate!

18. How many eye doctors practice at Nuvo?

Between all 3 locations, Nuvo has a total of 8 practicing Optomemtrists:

  • Dr. Hélène Laurin (Orléans)
  • Dr. Corina Buettner (Orléans and Ottawa)
  • Dr. Marie-Christine Deschênes (Orléans)
  • Dr. Francine Gauthier (Ottawa)
  • Dr. Andrée Mainville (Orléans)
  • Dr. Kamy Morcos (Orléans and Ottawa)
  • Dr. Toni Rizk (Orléans)
  • Dr. Zena Skaff (Orléans)
  • Dr. Jessica Kumar (Orléans and Ottawa)

19. Do you accept new patients?

Yes, all locations are currently accepting new patients! Click here to request your appointment time!

20. Does my insurance cover my eye exam and glasses fees?

Nuvo does its best to accommodate a wide variety of insurance companies by offering two different ways of presenting a paid invoice with the date of service: summarized or itemized. Since policies differ from one patient to the next, it is almost impossible for us to know if your specific insurance policy covers all your fees or only a percentage of. Although the date on all invoice cannot be altered by any Nuvo Optometry staff, we are more than happy to create an invoice on the proper date of service with either an itemized listing, or summarized listing as per your request. We know how confusing insurance policies can be, so we encourage all of our clients to call their insurance companies and see exactly what their policy states for coverage.

Please note that Nuvo's professionals will never make a recommendation of services or products based on your insurance policy, but rather according to your eye care and health needs and vision requirements. It is important however to know that we will work with your budget and find a proper solution for your overall eyewear needs.

*Please note: Official receipts are dated in accordance with the product purchase date. It is the patient's responsibility to be aware of their insurance benefits and what is covered on the date of services rendered or products purchased. Nuvo Optometry will not alter any dates of official receipts once a final purchase has been made.

21. Will I get a confirmation call the day before my appointment?

Nuvo offers a curtesy reminder service for eye exams. We will call you one day prior to your scheduled appointment. If a patient is unavailable, we will leave a message either with someone a home (who has accepted to take the message) or leave a voicemail. Though we do try and reach each person, at times phone numbers change, or a patient has moved and is rendered unreachable. It is the patient's responsibility to keep track of his/her appointments. Nuvo does not accept responsibility for any missed messages resulting in a missed appointment.

As an alternative, we can send your reminder by email! Let us know if this option is best for you!

22. What happens if I miss my appointment?

Our goal is to provide each patient with quality care in a timely matter. In order to do so, Nuvo- like most health care clinics- has adopted a 24 hours cancellation policy. This means that we require a 24 hour notice for any changes/cancellation of appointments. This gives us enough time to reallocate the appointment to another waiting patient, and avoids any missed opportunity for the clinic. If we do not receive notice to reschedule or cancel the appointment on time, it is considered a "no show" and a 40$ missed appointment fee applies to the patient's file.

Nuvo's administrative team puts great effort into properly maintaining each doctor's schedule to ensure minimal wait time for patients and an overall positive flow for each person visiting our clinics. This is why we extend a courtesy reminder phone call the day before your appointment. Further more, if your appointment was booked more than 6 months prior, we will call you 3-4 weeks ahead of time to make sure that the date still works with your schedule. If you'd prefer an email reminder, let us know!

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