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Dr Kamy

Optometrist at Nuvo Eye Centre

Kamy Morcos, OD

Dr. Morcos is not only an optometrist at Nuvo Eye Centre in Orleans and at Nuvo Optometry in Ottawa, but he is also recognized for having developed a computer-based Visual Therapy program for children. He further received his therapeutic license in 2003 and has been actively managing ocular disease since, as well as pursuing his professional interests in contact lens therapy and glaucoma diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Morcos provides services in English, French, and Arabic at Nuvo Optometry on Beechwood Ave, and at Nuvo Eye Centre in Orleans. He is always committed to offering his patients the highest quality of eye care possible in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Education & more

• University of Waterloo - Doctorate in Optometry.

• Serves as Chair of the Quality Assurance Committee of the College of Optometrists

• Is a clinical investigator for several pharmaceutical studies.

• Dr. Morcos is the Head of the Glaucoma Assessment Team at Nuvo Eye Centre - Orléans, and Nuvo Optometry - Ottawa.

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